Concrete Construction
Concrete Construction

Concrete vs. Asphalt, Pricing, Examples & Colors

For Commercial Inquiries- Just put in a bid request by giving us a call, text, email or fax. We have the equipment and knowledge to help you move forwrd.


For Residential (Houses) Inquries- Don't let pricing scare you. Feel free to call, leave a message or email, even if you are questioning another bid. ALWAYS get more than one bid. Any dimensions you can provide over the phone/email will help with a quicker estimate or for more complicated projects, send us your plans or we can come to your project site. Estimates are free. We recommend getting 3 separate bids and a breakdown of each to compare. Sometimes the lowest bidder is because of poor planning, the estimate may not include as much rebar, or other items are missing from the bid.  Make sure the lowest bidder isn't deliberately leaving items out that they may charge you for later.



The added cost is in the extra labor time and coloring materials/chemicals to complete a stamp/color stain. Doing a stamp/stain is familiar for us, we do it all the time. Browse ideas online and show us what you'd like.




"Concrete - One practical distinction between concrete pavement and asphalt pavement is that concrete pavement provides opportunities to reinforce, texture, color and otherwise enhance a pavement, these are not all possible with asphalt. These opportunities allow concrete to be made exceedingly strong, long lasting, safe, quiet, and architecturally beautiful. Concrete pavements on average outlast asphalt pavements by 10-15 years before needing rehabilitation."

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Concrete needs to be cut (unlike asphalt since it is flexible) to control cracking. If concrete is cut properly & the base is remedied & compacted properly, there is an enormous reduction or elimination of cracking. Severe winters in Minnesota require concrete to be done properly to avoid issues, same goes with asphalt though. Concrete crack repairs are usually more unsightly than asphalt crack repairs.


Concrete can be made beautiful.


Concrete does not get "soft" in the heat.


Concrete does not "sink" with the weight of heavy vehicles.


Salt put down in the Winter can damage concrete. . . It prefers sand, where asphalt doesn't seem to mind salt as much.


Concrete can have heating systems within it, even concrete outside.


Concrete can be made "pervious" (like a rice krispy bar) so heavy rain water drains through it.


If you have an area subject to drip lines or water flowing, concrete stands up to the erosion from water far better than asphalt.




Asphalt driveways are a little higher maintenance having to fill their cracks and sealcoating them but asphalt is more economical for very long driveways.


Concrete paved driveways last longer possibly twice as long as asphalt. Both will ultimately age aesthetically.


Concrete can be built up vertically too for walls, decorative walls, planters, etc. 


There are many additives that can be mixed at the manufacturer's plant to make the concrete incredibly hard.


Asphalt driveways produce MANY more cracks than concrete driveways but they can be filled and maintained easily. 


Concrete can get "rock pops" where due to expansion and moisture, a rock inside the manufacturer's mix will "pop out" and leave a gouge mark in the surface of the concrete.


Concrete can get cracks in it from the ground thawing and freezing, or from a soil base being close to the water table, or a soil base that has clay in it. Soils must be fixed.


Asphalt is a great medium for paving too, and fast, they can be laid down and driven on much faster than concrete. The choice between asphalt and concrete depends on the usage of the pavement, preference of look, longevity, cost, and where it is being used.

Explore your options in Colors/Stains/Stamps


Decorative Colored Concrete Products- Architectural Enhancements


Great products, also very convenient since Knife River uses the product.


Decorative Colored Concrete Products- Proline Concrete

Can't go wrong here either, more great products from this manufacturer!




Antiquing Colors- color examples

A layer of coloring that will settle into the depths, grooves and seams of your stamped concrete- adds much depth to the concrete and allows an easily added different color to your concrete, one that changes the entire appearence of your project but not the entire color, just the color in the deep impressions!


Integral Colored Concrete (Pre- Colored Concrete in the truck)- provided by Cemstone Products - look under "color swatches"


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