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A long lasting decision for your home or business. We repair, remove, replace, or install new patios for our customers. When contacting the owner, just express your ideas for colors and finishes and he can help explain your options and what may be an educated fit for your patio because every patio can be so different considering slope, drainage, intended use and other factors like whether you want to incorporate a FIREPIT. Patios can have many different finishes: 

BROOMED, for good traction, this can help in commercial applications if safety from slipping is a big concern.

STAMPED patio, a border can be done, with a broom finish in the center, stamped in the center, the whole patio can be stamped, the sidewalk, and multiple stamps can also be integrated for unique looks. Some stamps have a stone texture, some like tiles or cobblestones, search the internet for some of your favorites to complete the vision of your patio.

STAINED patio, there are MANY brands of concrete stain that can incorporate color in your patio, all brands carry thier own colors that can be used to color your concrete. Ask the owner about the brand and colors you find to see if it is a durable or time tested brand. There is no end to the creativity here, a base color can be used for instance, with a sporatic color for highlights, and an antique can even be used to settle into the stamped depressions. Customers have been very creative with their choices and we can help!



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